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Credits: The Tiger Lillies, Alex Wilson, Herbie Hancock, Ska Cubano, The Kills, Shriekback, Zion Train, Miles Davis, Charlie Mingus, Tav Falco, Ray Charles, The Durutti Column, Steven Severin, Mick Karn, Nina Simone, Sarah-Jane Morris, Duran Duran, Section 25, Siouxsie and the Banshees,The Fierce and The Dead, Dana Gillespie, 23 Skidoo, Gina X Performance, Maynard Ferguson, Jaco Pastorius, 2nd St. Rag Stompers, Alambic Conspiracy, Winston Tong, Pete Jones, Marcos Valle, si-cut.db, The Real Tuesday Weld, Arêtes, Clara Moreno, This Heat, Richard Barbieri, Yat-Kha, BR Stylers, The Other Two, Practical Headz, Esthetic Education, Xitende, Haunted Weather, Tinyfish, Quando Quango, Tuxedomoon, Mad Professor, Scanner, Kava Kava, PMR, The Pale Fountains, The Primevals, Pauline Murray and The Invisible Girls, Underview, Massukos, Ultramarine, Empty Boat, Jah Free, Vibronics, Simon Fisher Turner, Anna Domino, Tim Hodgkinson, Jim le Mesurier, The Wake, Heidi Vogal, Michael Wells, David Lowe, The Soothsayers, Lautrec, Bardo State Orchestra, Isabelle Antena, Jimi Vistoli, The Architect Faction , Joyce Moreno, Mieko Shimizu, Elegant Sleepers, Human Greed, Kaffe Matthews, Locus Amoenus, Kishon Khan, Eve Ferret, Tom Green, Dreamcatcher, Robert Logan, Mustique Blues Festival, David Toop, Chris Cutler, Tony Roots, Scanner vs DJ Spooky, Het, Masami Tsuchiya, The Jellys, Ambika Jois, The Oyster Band, Angel Mackenzie, Sense, DLO, Kelli Ali, Fantasmagoria, Future Pilot AKA, Remo, Jazzreloaded, The Stremes, ISM, Shanti Paul Jayasinha, Fuji Dub, Jansen/Barbieri/Karn, Apache 61, Radikal Dub Kolektiv, La Cedille, Fables Last Stand, Kassa Admassu, Raf and O, Killa Spekta, David Toop, The Readers Wifes, Dennis Rollins, The Tallyman, Richard Llewellyn-Davies, Sushalini, The Blue Hearts, The Mentalists, Paul Hammond, Chin Chin, Cameron Pierre, Urker Band, Florence Joelle, Barttling Tops, Bathysphere, Charles Hayward, Dee C'rell, Bob Collum, Dele Sosimi, Rougge, The Giallos Flame, Laye Sow, Ruth Theodore, Los Fakires, 17 Pygmies, The Work, Johnny Bardo, Spengler, Gertrude, Gwyn J. Allen, Pony Unique, HNO, Zhou Feng, Lindsay Cooper, King Khamun, Gagarin, Berakah, Liam Stewart, Jack Summer, Zeus B. Held, Ed Meme & The Forms, Gypsy Wine Cartel, Tim Benton, Union City, Télégramme, The Briganties, Helena Ward, The Bluefoot Project, Battling Tops, Parsa Jostamat, Robin Grey, Recreation X, Kishon Khan, The Powders, Hadar, Omar Puente, Dead Letter Office, MC Magico, Merengada, Grasshoppers, Elend, BBC News, V&A "Radical Fashion", Sound Of The World, World 2006, Recommended Records, Warners, RE:, End Of The Trail Records, 33 Records, DC Baby Records, Casino Sounds, Chocolatefireguard, BPI, Torch Music, Urbcom, Exhilarate Records, Wolf Records, Universal Egg, Oval Records, Rhino UK, Rumour Records, One Little Indian, Candid, River Rat Records, Far Out Recordings, LTM, Universal, Factory Benelux, Les Disques du Crépuscule, End Of The Trail Records, Warner Jazz...

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