Born in Shizuoka near Mount Fuji, Mieko Shimizu comes from a musical family and was brought up surrounded by a wide range of music, from traditional Japanese songs to Jazz, Tangos or Hawaiian music. "It was like a castle with an infinite number of different rooms which I could enter and search or leave alone". She started early singing in her father's band then became involved in Jazz and contemporary music when she moved to Tokyo in her late teens. She later developed an interest in ethnic music and began collaborating with other Japanese Ethno Jazz musicians. She has toured with Mick Karn, Wasis Diop and Yasuaki Shimizu

Mieko has made three solo albums:

  • Totem (Wolf)
  • A Road Of Shells (Teichiku),
  • Plastic Nostalgia (Teichiku)



    Mekong Zoo
    "Minimal Dance" (Wolf)
    MEKONG ZOO is the new project produced by Dominique Brethes featuring Mieko Shimizu, violinist Aska Kaneko and percussionist Graham Dowdall

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